Work Shares

Help out on the farm, and earn a free share!

We are looking for consistent and reliable help in what is now commonly referred to as a work share.  This is basically a few hours of work each week or every other week (depending on which size share you would like) in exchange for a CSA subscription.

The shifts will be 3 ½ hours long either in the morning or afternoon on Wednesdays or Thursdays from mid May till mid November.  The shifts start either at 8:30am or 1:30pm. We would like to spread the Work Share shifts as evenly as we can throughout the season so there are a limited number of openings for each time slot; first come, first served.  From mid May to Mid June, work shares will primarily be helping with transplanting and weeding, but once the CSA deliveries start in mid June, the focus will with harvest, washing, and boxing.

For the Summer CSA program, 18 shifts of 3.5 hours are required for a Full share, 11shifts of 3.5 hours for a Half share.  For a Winter CSA Share, 7 shifts are required for a Full, 5 for a Half.  Left over or extra produce from the farmers market is also a perk for Work Share members when available.  We ask that you try to work the same day and timeslot so we can train you in—each crop has a unique harvesting method. You must be on time, be able to easily lift 25lbs, bend down or kneel for extended periods, and come with the appropriate work gear—we harvest in the heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow but not when lightening is present or in severe storms.  You cannot send a substitute or bring your children or pets.  Farming is production work; we don’t make money by the hour, but by the piece.  You will be required to work hard while on the farm and stay on task; chatting with your neighbor is fine as long as your hands are moving.  We will try to be as flexible as we can with schedules, but we prefer consistency.  This all being said, we want you to have a pleasurable and educational experience.   We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t enjoy ourselves! Send us a message if you are interested!

Our farm is out in the country.  There are bugs, spiders, snakes, ticks, toads, and frogs.  2016 was by far the worst year for mosquitoes in recent memory, so come prepared!  You can use bug spray if you want, but we typically don’t have any on hand.  We prefer to wear long sleeved pants and shirts, and netting to cover our heads when it is really bad.  Otherwise we try to just ignore bug bites.

We will be hosting ‘Crop Mobs’ about once a month during the season where CSA members and friends can volunteer on the farm for some of our more epic events.  Work Shares are more than welcome to attend the Crop Mob, but this will not count as one of the shifts.

What if I can’t make it to my scheduled shift?

We expect the work share to be treated like a regular job.  We need a day’s notice if you cannot make it so we can find extra help for the day.  If you are sick, please let us know as soon as possible, we ask that you don’t come to the farm if you are ill since we are handling food.

What if it is raining on harvest day?

We have a few rain coats and pants, but dress appropriately.  We harvest in all weather unless it is a storm.  We will try to find indoor tasks when possible, but almost all of our production comes from outside.

What if I decide that the Work Share is not for me?

If you find out that farm work is not for you, we can prorate the remainder of your share, or you can decide to cancel the CSA if you choose.

Can I work more than one shift in a day?

We understand that this is a very part-time commitment, so we will be as flexible as we can.  If you have a long commute, or your availability is limited, we will try to accommodate you working two shifts in the same day.  In those cases please know that we take an hour for lunch, which does not count towards your scheduled hours.  We can only manage a fixed number of work share members per shift, so scheduling is done at a first come first served basis with priority going to returning members.

What if I can’t make the 8:30 or 1:30 start times, or make it out Wednesday or Thursday, but I am still interested in a work share?

To make it fair for all of the Work Shares, we cannot have flexible start times.  We need Work Share member primarily for harvest help, so we have to be firm with Wednesday and Thursday.

How do I know how many shifts I have worked or how many are left?

We will have a sign in sheet for you to fill out.  It is your responsibility to log in and keep track of the shifts worked.

Last year was the first time we offered the work share program, and we were extremely lucky to find ourselves with a crew of hard-working and interesting people. Some of our favorite moments on the farm were spent with these individuals, tossing melons down the line, rooting through soil for potatoes, exchanging ideas and plenty of farm humor. We hope to see many of them again in 2017!