CSA Shares for 2017 Now Available!

We offer an 8 week Winter CSA Share beginning Thursday, October 19th

We are proud of the diversity we have in the winter boxes, and there will be some specialty items that we don’t do is the summer shares.  Last season, we had fresh cut greens up until the last box of the season at the end of December.  If you haven’t had fresh Minnesota winter greens before, you are in for a treat!  The cold temps create the most wonderful flavor and texture, and it seems that our baby mixes store in your fridge for longer- up to two weeks with spinach!

The program will be 8 weeks long starting right after the main season, starting Thursday 10/19.  Pick up days will be Thursdays.  At the start of the Winter CSA, the boxes will include mostly fresh crops from outdoors as well as greens from the tunnels.  As the season progresses, we will have less freshly harvested crops and more from storage—this depends on how cold it gets early on, but there should always be something fresh in each box.

We have two share sizes this year with 5-8 different crops in each box.  The Half Share will be in the same ½ bushel box as the summer season, and the Full Share will be packed into a 5/9 bushel box.  The cost is $176 for a Half Share and $232 for a Full Share.  We have two options for payment: you can mail us a check with the order form, or use Paypal on the website.  Since we are charged a fee to use Paypal, this is reflected in the price, so sending a check is the cheaper option.

We are proud to offer local food so late in the season and hope you consider joining!

Your Farmers,

Jimmy and Heather

Winter Full Share - $232 - 5/9 bushel box 

5-8 different types of veggies (average of 7-8) with larger portions than the Half Share. Target value of 10% off retail prices.

Winter Half Share - $176 - 1/2 bushel box

5-8 different types of veggies (average of 6-7).  Target value of 10% off retail prices.

Summer Full Share - $5658 to 12 different types of veggies every week for 18 weeks, the best value with a target of 20% off retail prices. Packed into 3/4 bushel box

Summer Half Share - $3507 to 9 different types of veggies every week for 18 weeks. The target value is 15% off retail prices. Packed into 1/2 bushel box.

Winter Full Share - $232A varried selection of our best crops from storage as well as winter salad greens from the field tunnels. Packed in a 5/9 bushel box.

Winter Half Share - $176Same as the Full Winter Share, but with less of each item. Packed in a 1/2 bushel box

TO PAY, fill out the CSA Order Form to the right and mail that to PO Box 403 Delano 55328 with a check or money order or use the PayPal option below. ONLINE PAYMENTS: For your convenience, we set up online payment using PayPal. We are charged 2.9% plus $0.30 for each transaction and the prices reflect these charges. (It is cheaper to mail a check)

Pick up your share at designated sites on Thursdays. *Thanksgiving week pick up will be on Wednesday*

Summer Full Share: $582

Pick-up Location :

Summer Half Share: $361

Pick-up Location :

Winter Full Share: $239

Pick-up Location :

Winter Half Share: $182

Pick-up Location :


Farm Farm (12 to 6pm) 5412 Brighton Ave SE, Montrose
Lupine Brewery (6pm to 9pm) 248 River St, Delano 
Harvest Moon Co-op (noon to 8pm) 2380 Wayzata Blvd, Long Lake
Buffalo Communtiy Center (11:30am to 4:30) 206 Central Ave, Buffalo
Lakewinds Co-op Minnetonka (12:30pm to 8pm)17501 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka
Lakewinds Co-op Richfield (1:00pm to 8pm)6420 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield
Dogwood Coffee (2:00pm to 8pm)4021 East Lake St, Minneapolis
Canteen (1:30pm to 8pm)3255 Bryant Ave S, Minneapolis

Help out on the farm in exchange for a CSA share! Work Share Info