Farm Farm consists of two acres lovingly grown by Heather Lewin and Jimmy Bauman at Nature’s Nest in Delano Minnesota. This is our seventh year farming together. We met in 2009 while living in Chicago, and wanted to build a better life together in a way that was good not only to us, but also the community and the environment. Organic farming encompasses all that we want to do in a way that encourages our creativity and leaves us feeling fulfilled at the end of the day.

We use organic methods but are not certified organic. With our small acreage and diversity it is possible to maintain a thriving garden without synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Plus it tastes better! Since diversity is so integral to sustainability, we specialize in cultivating a wide spectrum of varieties (100 plus!) many of them heirlooms. We will be observing these cultivars season to season to find the most delicious and vigorous crops to grow; an enjoyable & worthwhile exploration.


We closely model techniques developed by Elliot Coleman and further refined by Jean-Martine Fortier in terms of intensity, fertility, and season extension, and have also benefited from the guidance of our neighbor and friend Greg Reynolds at Riverbend Farm as well other local contemporaries. We have started using small scale tractors for some of our cultivation and for heavy duty jobs, and every year we hone in on the right tool for the job whether it is manufactured for a farm our size, or something that we build ourselves. We still do the majority of the farm labor ourselves by hand. As the popularity for organic and local grows, so does the need for young aspiring farmers to access the knowledge and tools needed to succeed.

CSA subscriptions are instrumental in allowing us the freedom to farm. We bring our CSA shares to the Delano area and the twin cities, sell at local Farmer’s Markets, and have continuing relationships with a few select farm to-table restaurants and co-ops.  We’re incredibly grateful to all of you who choose local over convenience.  We are excited for the future of local and organic agriculture, and we are thrilled to be your farmers!